Image Big Issues plus Museum equals Solving Science

Solving Science & Big Issues

So it’s time for a big update! Since we last posted, in true covid-2020/1 fashion, everything has gone a bit odd and it’s now time to let you in on what’s been happening!

For the most part we have been laying the groundwork for the Big Issues conference and chatting with our speakers, along with many of you who have expressed an interest in the topics we are addressing. The result of all this talking and planning is a realisation on our part: namely that a conference isn’t actually a good fit for what we want to achieve.

At the same time, having wrangled with various funding bodies which are rightfully focusing on the global pandemic, it is simply not a good time to launch the museum. We feel that the museum will fill an important niche in science communication, that of humanising science and showcasing stories behind the science, but as it currently stands, we do not have the capacity to tell these stories properly.

As such we’ve made the following two decisions. First, we’re putting the Museum project on hiatus until we have the resources to do it right. The second change is to the Big Issues conference. We are working with some of the invited speakers to develop a lecture series we’ve dubbed “Solving Science“. These talks will be released as podcasts and YouTube videos starting in the Autumn. By this point most people, including us, have zoom-fatigue: the thought of a three day conference is equal parts exciting and dreadful. Spreading the talks out and leaving greater room for engagement is a much more flexible strategy and one that leaves room for growth in the future. We will also be able to address topics that we had to set aside for the conference. These include issues with respect to diversity, anti-racism, and public access among many others.

We ask you to bear with us while we refocus and learn all the new skills we need in this area! We hope that we’ll soon get the hang of it and you’ll be getting epic lens-flares, beautiful animations, and immersive CGI (but don’t hold your breath!).

This is a great opportunity to get involved on a schedule that suits you. If you submitted to the conference (or were thinking about it but were worried about the commitment), we would love to chat with you about having you on as a guest speaker or as part of a panel. Similarly, if you fancy trying your hand at interviewing, video editing, and science communication this could be a great fit for you! Just drop us a message on social media or email.

More information will pop up on our social media and the website. It’s a bit empty right now, but rest assured details will be added as and when we find the time!