Typewriter with the word "Update"

Progress Update

It’s about time we gave you a quick update on the progress of the Museum. 2020 was spent doing a lot of the background stuff that makes a museum a museum. A team of excellent persons from both Museum and Science backgrounds helped us to figure out the foundations for our policies and procedures – something that I’m sure we’ll chat about in future posts. You might have noticed that we have also rejigged the old, very temporary website into a slightly cleaner, slightly less temporary website. This is to set ourselves up ready to deal with collections and to integrate the blog into the Museum as a whole.

Big Issues

Currently, a lot of our efforts are going towards setting up the Big Issues digital conference. This event, in collaboration with members of the University of Gothenburg, explores some of the challenges facing scientists today. The three sessions will take place in September and deal with topics in Sustainability, Open Science, and Mental Health. We want to explore the issues with the people that face them and researchers and professionals that have looked into their origin and their potential resolutions.

Our hope is to make a highly interactive event – with participants and attendees given plenty of opportunity to chat around the talks, to meet and greet and share ideas. To this end we are aiming to try out a whole bunch of novel ideas – digital poster sessions, 1-on-1 meetups, along with the standard schedule of lectures plus coffee breaks. We hope this will help us to spark ideas for future Museum-related events.

All of this has meant that we are now slowly getting going on the core of the museum: its exhibitions. Once we have the call for papers sent out and the infrastructure for the conference sorted, we will be able to return to the museum proper and get going on the exhibitions!


If you’re reading this and think “oh, this sounds like a cool project, maybe I’ll get involved?”, our response is “yes please”. Covid has had a significant impact on everyone’s ability to work on projects such as this. If you can support us, get in touch – particularly if you are interested in working on our outreach, events and social media.

What’s Next?

As mentioned above, once we have a little more time on our hands, we will return to working on the exhibitions. It is likely that the “Stuff of Science” and “Mental Health” exhibitions will take precedence, but we are now also looking into utilising additional resources (such as Google Culture) to develop informative exhibits to supplement our own custom builds.

You can also start to expect more updates on this blog as we grow – though please be kind, we are a small team and we’re doing our best!