Our exhibitions address the scientists, not the science. Many science museums deal with the “whats” (what was found? what do we know?). Our focus is on the hows, whos and whys. Who is doing the work, how are they doing it, and why are they interested? Exhibitions might focus on the amazing technologies they have sitting in their gleaming laboratories, or personal tales about why researchers do what they do. There are fascinating stories to be told, and each story will help all of us to better understand what makes such amazing scientific feats as developing vaccines and landing on the moon possible.

The exhibitions themselves will be multi-media experiences, tailored to the stories we wish to tell. Sometimes simple text posts will do the job, at other times, audio-visual experiences, interactive games, and apps to take on walks with you may be more appropriate. In the long term, our goal is to utilise all of the benefits that come with digital technology. We want to make visitors feel that they are doing more than just reading words on a webpage, but that they are in fact visiting a digital museum – they are immersed and fully engaged.

If you would like to support the development of one of the exhibitions listed, or have an idea for a future exhibition, take a peek at our Get Involved pages. Whether you are a scientist, student, or just an interested member of the public, we would love to work with you to create a fantastic digital exhibition about the life of scientists. Any questions? As always, just get in touch.