Photograph: An engineer stands with her arms crossed facing the camera.
Photograph of a social event with a large group of people waving at the camera.
Photograph of sewing equipment and craft supplies.
Photograph of seminar hosted by three women.
Photograph from above of an audience sitting in a lecture theatre.

Science is Social

Museums are social spaces; they are place for people to come together to learn, research, or simply to enjoy themselves. Ideally, a museum is a welcoming place for everyone, regardless of background. Our goal is to replicate this atmosphere in an online space and to thereby create a community of learners and researchers who will support the museum in its activities, and utilise our services.

Supporting Learning

Many of our activities will be centred around our exhibitions and more general programming. We will run regular activities that will allow visitors to interact with the curators and exhibitors featured in our exhibitions. This will provide an opportunity to ask questions, discuss topics, and to get involved with the museum. We hope to break down barriers between scientists, who will inevitably be the focal point of our exhibitions, and the public at large. In this way both parties will gain a great deal – it will personalise science for the visitors while also supporting scientists in their outreach activities.

Supporting Science

As part of our mission to support scientists, we aim to act as a forum for persons in any field to come together and discuss issues that are directly impacting them in both their personal and working lives. The pressures of publication, mental health, the difficulties of collaboration; such topics and many others are interdisciplinary and global in nature. We hope to provide a place for involved parties to come together and discuss solutions for problems, and develop positive strategies in the long term.

Supporting Research

As our collection expands, so too will our ability to support research into the study of the sciences. Whether from a philosophical, historical, anthropological, or any other perspective, our artefacts will provide unique insights into the hows and whys of scientific endeavour. In the long term we will be well placed to organise and host seminars, lecture series, and even conferences on a wide variety of topics related to our mission.