Our goal is to collect digital artefacts that represent the contemporary lives and times of scientists working today. Each artefact has the capacity to tell one small part of a complex story and we hope that by bringing these artefacts together and ensuring their long term preservation we will start to create snapshots of scientific history – snapshots that will be ready for future generations of visitors and learners to access at their leisure.

We will seek to collect artefacts that tell a story. These may be simple image files – photographs, or scanned copies of notes or diary entries. Perhaps they will be complex datasets, software, or 3D renderings. Unlike our physical counterparts, we will not be constrained by a lack of storage space – we can always acquire additional server room! No, our challenge will be granting everyone equal access.

Our goal is to ensure that the online catalogue will always be free to access by anyone, anywhere. They may be used by a researcher, or just by a curious visitor. They may even be utilised by an artist with a fun new idea, or a child for a school project. We don’t care, we just want to ensure that access is global, free, and secure. As part of this, our current plan is to publish everything in our catalogue under a creative commons licence allowing the digital files to be used for any non-commercial purpose, though in exceptional cases we may add additional rescrictions as to their use.